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Brewer Fitness


We are a small band of people passionate about bringing the movement and adventure of rock climbing into the world of fitness.



A brief history of Brewer Fitness:

     Brewer Fitness was the innovation of cousins Jeff & Conant Brewer who launched the company in 1990. Today we maintain that same passion about our work and commitment to our original designs and philosophy.

We keep things simple, focus on the training, and hope our customers appreciate thoughtful craftsmanship that results in fun, interesting and quality equipment.

We design what we like, sell it with passion and give the best support we can to all our customers.

We specialize in a mix of creative climbing structures for all fitness facilities, climbing gyms, schools, rehabilitation centers and homes. Along the way, we’ve been able to pioneer many training and climbing innovations and have single handedly opened up climbing as a mainstream fitness tool – a category we call Vertical Movement.

Although adults remain our core audience, kids and seniors have become some of our most enthusiastic customers. We love that vertical movement engages all ages and abilities.

Brewer Fitness is located just south of Boston in an old industrial park. All our staff is local, with a long-standing network of customers, suppliers, friends and family that stretches throughout the area and North America.

Our responsive staff can handle most questions about service or sales so you won’t have to wait for a call back and we always enjoy meeting new customers; many of whom have become friends.

We build everything in house and we strive to make as many of our products maintenance free. We’re always open to custom requests if something in our existing product line may not work for you.

Our products are fully warranted, should you have a problem please contact us and we’ll work with you on solutions.

We have product in 41 countries, 5 nation’s militaries and inside training facilities of every type including homes. From the most demanding rehab environments to a quiet training studio to a noisy high school weight room, we thrive in offering great training options.


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