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"Climbing is amazing!" - every climber


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I started climbing in Ohio not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was afraid and clumsy, but really enjoyed the mental and physical challenge that climbing offered. Over the years I have dedicated myself to attempting to reach my personal potential. The Treadwall has been a great tool in achieving my best.
Now I establish new routes and aspire to introduce others to the fundamentals of climbing.

 What do you train for? Motivation come from?

I train for particular challenges in climbs that inspire me. So each time I create a program, it is specific to my weakness on that particular climb. The Treadwall is tall enough and adjustable enough and wide enough to recreate many natural features found outside. 

I only train with intense focus for 4 to 6 weeks at a time, this allows me to see gains and take into account being a full time high school science teacher, husband and father of two boys. Training will never cut into my family time because as much as I love it, my family comes first. Another new or hard route is not worth the time away from my wife and boys. 

The rest of my "training" is maintenance in order to keep myself at an acceptable fitness level. I want to be able to complete a long approach with a heavy load and still climb well and hike back without passing out. That is my desired level of fitness.

In order to peak and reach my potential I need to use the Treadwall in combination with the real rock. That is where I have seen my greatest gains. The Treadwall is a special tool that can be used poorly or properly and it takes time to learn how and when to work hard.

Favorite Movie of all time?

A good old fashioned western!

An exercise you have a love/hate relationship with?

An exercise that I have a love hate relationship with is running. I love having a strong cardiovascular system, but over the years I have beaten down my knees. So much that at about 10-12 miles of hiking or running I become unable to walk. I have to constantly work on my IT bands and my running. But on the other hand there is nothing like covering ground quickly in the mountains and being able to escape into the seldom visited and rarely seen places of the world.



                       Oh Really, 5.13. First Free Ascent in 2017.                                                                          Going and Blowing, 5.12.  First Free Ascent 2016.


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